Time To Take A Stand: What Will YOU Do?

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2. The Non-GMO Project – The Non-GMO Project is a nationwide movement to improve our food supply. This group started in 2005 – fighting the fight that has become an everyday war today.

Non-GMO Project provides resources, education and verification of non-GMO businesses and organizations.

Major players in the GMO world (Monsanto, Dupont, etc.) do not want to have transparency in our food supply. Non-GMO Project is an ongoing battle for our right to know.

They are fighting our fight, but we have to help. Learn more and get involved before it’s too late.

Take a look at who else is against GMOs…

  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Neil Young (Rolling Stones)
  • Senator Patrick Leahy Democrat from Vermont
  • Governor Peter Shumlin (Vermont)
  • Maroon 5 (Pop band)
  • Stonyfield Farm
  • Organic Valley
  • Amy’s Kitchen
  • Earth Balance
  • Sharky’s
  • Eden Organic
  • Campbell’s, and more.

These major players are coming out in the fight for what’s right and healthy.

The thing is, they can’t do it alone. They need our help.

If we want to be healthy and be able to get healthier (overcoming what the big corporations have already done to us), then we have to speak up and be counted.

These are just a few areas/groups who have taken on the fight, but there are many more.


Do you just blindly eat what corporations feed you?

Have you ever noticed that food doesn’t taste the same anymore? The flavors aren’t as rich and flavorful.

Do you wonder why? Look to how it was grown, by whom and how they did it.

Do you wonder why 2/3 of American’s are obese now?

Why is there such high cancer rates, neurological disorders, autoimmune issues, diabetes and childhood diseases?

We have been poisoned for years and now the corporate giants are trying to take it to the next level. They don’t even want us to know where our food comes from and how it came into being.

We are a nation getting sicker by the day and the generation.

If we don’t stop them, we will be fully and completely controlled by them. Once you’re sick they’ll tell you what doctors to see and what medications you can have.

We have to start somewhere.

We have to get involved.

This is a good place to start.

Given the chance our food and nature can cure the majority of health issues.

Natural proven curative properties exist by the millions. But big pharmaceuticals, warlord corporations and even some of our government entities don’t want to listen.

Why is that?

Because it’s not proven through research they say. We ask: Whose research? Penicillin wasn’t proven until it was used. Neither are many other drugs and products that make to the market via the FDA!

Come on folks. Wake up to what’s happening and join the fight not only for yourself, but the future of our kids.

No GMO and mandatory labeling of “scientifically” re-engineered foods is a great place to begin the journey.

Vote for Nature NOT for Poison.

Non-GMO Project
Farewell to GMOs Photo courtesy of Scott Peets from March Against Monsanto.

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