Are Your Nutritional Supplements Genuine?

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Do You Know What You Are Taking

Do You Know What You are Taking? OR Are You Being Deceived?

Natural and Alternative health advocates have long feared the FDA’s interference.


Well, it’s simple but kind of complex at the same time.

Here are a few of the issues of concern:

1.     Currently, the FDA very “loosely” regulates foods and drugs.
This just means some things get through that shouldn’t. And some don’t get through that should.

2.     The FDA, the pharmaceutical industry and health care feed a continuous loop of business to one another.
They may not be too favorable for alternative ideas to lessen the business flow.

3.     If the FDA began “regulating” alternative care, supplements and care prices would jump a lot.
This would cut down on some people’s ability to afford care.

Above are just a few of the debate issues alternative health has with the “modern” health care.

Here is the debate “modern” care has with alternative care:

1.     Alternative health care and supplements have not been “appropriately” tested to be “proven.” This lack of testing, is the biggest argument they have.

Please understand, that modern health care (FDA, pharmaceuticals and health care) are the exact same people who define what “appropriate” testing means.

Funny thing is, if you happen to be a patient where modern medicine failed you and alternative care healed you, chances are the testing is good enough for you.

Bottom line is, should it be left up to us to decide?

So the opposing forces are set.

Both have valid points to a degree.

Is there a middle ground?

Who is right and who is wrong?

Where do we get to help decide how we can be treated and by whom?  

When do we get to decide how we are treated & by whom?

Who can make sure it’s safe?

Whose responsibility is it?

My oh my….the questions.

Well…..and then there’s this other little problem!! (Yes, that’s sarcasm. ;))

The Bright Shining Problem

please don't shoot yourself in the foot


READ ON to discover how the process of ‘shooting oneself in the foot’ relates to Alternative Health Supplement Manufacturing.

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